Free Drumsynth presets for Ableton Live's operator

What is the TweakingDrums free Pack?

TweakingDrums is a free collection of 80 insanely fun drumsynth presets made 100% with Ableton live's Operator. Including drum kicks, snares, hi hats, maracas, cymbals, percussion and other more experimental sounds. Head over to Noiseisking's Youtube channel. where you can find out more about drum synthesis with operator.

10 Kits

Each drum kit contains eight drumsynth presets. Additionally each kit comes with an Ableton Live project. All under a creative commons license


Modify every aspect of the sounds until you are satisfied. Or even more fun, tweak and automate the sound for a more unusual and experimental sound

80 Drumsynths

The pack includes kicks, snares, hi hats, maracas, cymbals and other percussive sounds. All made 100% with Ableton Live's Operator and FX's